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Maryland Will Contests (Hardcopy)


Jeffrey E. Nusinov and Paul D. Raschke

In this indispensable publication, the authors, Jeffrey E. Nusinov and Paul D. Raschke of Nusinov Smith LLP provide current procedural and substantive rules to navigate caveat litigation. Maryland Will Contests will enable the practitioner to contest or defend confidently a Maryland will. Topics covered include Orphans’ Court Jurisdiction; Pleadings and Procedure; Grounds for Challenge; Problems of Proof; Caregivers, Gold Diggers, and Death-Bed Marriages; In Terrorem Clauses; Appeals; and Fees. The authors also provide invaluable sample petitions and interrogatories.

This publication is available in electronic form. To purchase it in electronic form please click here Maryland Will Contests (Electronic Publication)

Format: Paperback
Pub. date: 2019
Pages: 210

Jeffrey Nusinov Paul Raschke
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