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Maryland Tort Damages, Seventh Edition (Hardcopy)


Edited by Robert R. Michael, Esq.

Contributing Authors: H. Kenneth Armstrong, Esq.; Paul D. Bekman, Esq.; Alfred A. Clarke, Esq.; Alvin I. Frederick, Esq.; Gerald I. Holtz, Esq; Patrick A. Malone, Esq; Robert R. Michael, Esq;
Gregory K. Wells, Esq.

After nearly a decade since the release of the Sixth Edition in 2006, the MSBA is proud to offer the Seventh Edition of one of the organization’s most coveted works, Maryland Tort Damages.

Since the First Edition was published in 1979, Maryland Tort Damages has provided a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the most important legal issues and practical considerations surrounding Maryland tort damages, plus a thorough overview of related Maryland statutory and case law.

The Seventh Edition incorporates significant changes since the publication of the Sixth Edition that have been made to the law of tort damages, particularly in the areas of wrongful death, the “use plaintiff,” and joint tortfeasor releases, and also features a completely rewritten Chapter 1 (“Damages in Personal Injury Actions”).

The six chapters are indexed for ease of reference, and the book includes Tables of Cases and Authorities.

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Topics covered include:

Collateral Source Rule (Subrogation Rights, Malingering)
Common Law Torts (Defamation, Malicious Prosecution, False Imprisonment)
Damages in Personal Injury Actions (Special Damages, General Damages, and Statutory Caps on Noneconomic Damages)
Expert Testimony in Proving Damages, and Scrutiny under MD. Rule 5-702 and Daubert Cases
Inadequate/Excessive Damages
Insurance Coverage for Punitive Awards
Joint Tortfeasor Releases
Jury Considerations/ Post Verdict Review
Litigation Expenses
Pleading Damages
Prejudgment Interests
Property Damages (Realty, Personalty)
Punitive Damages
Relationship between Punitive and Compensatory Awards
Right of Contribution
Statutory/Constitutional Causes of Action (Consumer Product Safety Act, Magnuson-Moss Act, Clean Water Act, Maryland Consumer Protection Act, and more)
Survival Act Claims
Use Plaintiff
Wrongful Death/Survival Actions
Wrongful Death Damages Claims
Wrongful Life/Birth

And more.

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Format: Practice binder
Pub date: 2015
Total Pages: xxxiv, 318

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