Medicaid Nuts and Bolts Course Book (E-Book)


Medicaid Basics
May-Lis Manley, Esq., Ron Landsman Group 

QUICK FIRE: Transmittal MR-159 
Discuss the important changes, particularly with regard to gifting, established in this transmittal that is not currently incorporated into the online manual.  
Mary Jo Broussard Speier, Esq. , The Speier Law Firm, LLC

Special Needs Trusts
Medicaid and Special Needs Trusts, for eligibility and asset preservation.  
Alexander Zarzecki, Esq., Frank, Frank & Scherr LLC

MEDICAID Eligibility AND Policy Panel: Q&A
Lorie Mayorga, Esq., Maryland Department of Health
Kandace Scherr, Esq. Frank, Frank & Scherr LLC

QUICK FIRE:  Hagedorn, the Michigan SC Decision Approving Trusts for the benefit (FBO) the Spouse that Avoids the Spousal Impoverishment Limits
May-Lis Manley, Esq., Ron Landsman Group 

Medical Assistance (MA)  and Veterans Affairs (VA) Planning Trusts
How to draft and implement trusts to preserve assets in the realm of Medicaid Assistance Long Term Care or Veterans Affairs (VA) Aid and Attendance.  
Evan Farr, CAP CELA
QUICK FIRE: Top Tips for Filing Successful Medical Assistance LTC Application
Emmett Irwin, Esq., The Law Office of Emmett Irwin 

Review of the New Elective Share Law’s Impact on Medicaid and Estate Planning for Seniors
Alexander J. Zarzecki, Esq., Frank, Frank & Scherr LLC

The Single Premium Immediate Annuity and the Married Couple
Morris Klein, Esq., Law Office of Morris Klein

QUICK FIRE: Planning Actions to Take After Medicaid Eligibility
Elena Sallitto, Esq., Stavely & Sallitto Elder Law LLC 

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Medicaid Nuts and Bolts Course Book (E-Book)