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Point-Counterpoint: Technology and the Law Firm of the Future


The 2020 pandemic rapidly accelerated lawyers’ adoption of new technologies and led to significant changes in the practice of law. However, many of these changes (and other tech innovations) have long been championed by some lawyers, while others have been vocal in their skepticism. What was, and what will be, the impact of emerging technologies on the actual justice of our justice system? Topics will include data security, remote practice, automation, specialization, targeted marketing, and decision-making algorithms. The panel will give some conditional prophecies about changes they see coming for the profession, and lead a friendly debate (with audience participation) on the question – is this where we want to go?

This is informational only and no CLE credit will be offered for the surrounding MCLE states.

David Pantzer Sahmra Stevenson-Smith Matthew Stubenberg
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Point-Counterpoint: Technology and the Law Firm of the Future