Using & Drafting Trusts in Estate Planning 2019 Revised Edition Book & Downloadable Forms (Hardcopy)


Editor: John P. Edgar, Esq.
Contributors: John P. Edgar, Esq.,  David R. Forrer, Esq., Jeffrey S. Glaser, Esq., Mary E. O`Byrne, Esq., and Stephanie T. Perry, Esq.
Much of this book focuses on specific trusts, for what they are used for, how they fit into an estate plan, and the specific conditions governing each. The authors, experienced estate planning practitioners, have updated the book to include all of the relevant updated case law, IRS rulings, statutes, and regulations.

The 2019 Edition significantly revises Using & Drafting Trusts in Estate Planning including: Chapter 1, Selected State Law Issues—new discussion of the Maryland Trust Act, including new sections on Sending Reports That Shorten the Statute of Limitations and Nonjudicial and Settlement Agreements; Chapter 2, Revocable Living Trusts—new discussion on statute of limitations and trustee powers; Chapter 4,  Generation-Skipping Trusts—new discussion on the Tax Act of 2017 (increase in GST exemption and allocation amount); Chapter 5, Planning for People with Disabilities—new sections on Practice tips for third party special needs trusts, and significantly expanded sections on How Special Needs Trusts and Able Accounts Can Work Together; Chapter 7, Charitable Spit Interest Trusts—new discussion on lower interest rates for CRATs under Rev. Proc. 2016-42; Chapter 10, Bypass or Credit Shelter Trusts—expanded section on Applicable Exclusion Amount including discussion on the Tax Act of 2017; and more.

Plus, updated clauses, rate tables, and tables of cases and authorities.

This essential resource includes:

Chapter 1:       Selected State Law Issues
Chapter 2:       Revocable Living Trusts
Chapter 3:       Marital Deduction
Chapter 4:       Generation-Skipping Trusts
Chapter 5:       Planning for People with Disabilities
Chapter 6:       Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
Chapter 7:       Charitable Split Interest Trusts
Chapter 8:       GRITS, QPRTs, and GRATS
Chapter 9:       Trusts Qualified To Hold S Corporation Stock
Chapter 10:      Bypass or Credit Shelter Trusts
Chapter 11:      Trusts as Beneficiary of Retirement Account Benefits
Table of Authorities
Table of Cases

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Format: Softcover
Pub. Date: 2019

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