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Will Drafting in Maryland, 2017 Revised Edition – Book Only (Electronic Publication)


Danielle M. Cruttenden, Esq.; Michael P. Donnelly, Esq.; Frederick R. Franke, Jr., Esq.; Christine W. Hubbard, Esq.; Matthew A. Mace, Esq.

This publication focuses on the planning and drafting considerations that are common to all wills regardless of size.  Will Drafting in Maryland will assist you in determining what your clients want and how to implement those desires.  It also covers necessary clauses, preferred language, and how to anticipate and avoid probate problems. Revised and updated for the first time since December 2013, this new 2017 edition covers the following topics and includes an estate planning questionnaire, a sample will, and a sample “contingent trusts for minors” will:

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Summary of Contents:
The Intestate’s “Will”: An Illustration of the Law of Intestacy
Developing the Plan
Non-Dispositive Provisions
The Will’s Basic Structure — Administrative and Dispositive Provisions
Miscellaneous Provisions Concerning Guardians, Personal Representatives and Trustees
Distributions — Trusts, Miscellaneous
Sample Disclaimer Bypass Trust Will
Sample “Contingent Trusts for Minors” Will
Table of Authorities
Tables of Cases

Format: Electronic
Pub. Date: 2/2017
Pages: xvii, 170

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Will Drafting in Maryland, 2017 Revised Edition – Book Only (Electronic Publication)