According to attorney Frank Ramos, these are the questions a young lawyer interviewing at firm should ask:

  • What’s an associate’s caseload?
  • What are the typical hours in the office?
  • How often do associates work on weekends and for how long?
  • How are bonuses determined?
  • What hours did the associates bill last year?
  • How are cases assigned?
  • How many of the current partners started as associates?
  • What do the attorneys do together outside the office?
  • What mentoring program does the firm have?
  • How does the firm train associates?
  • How many associates have left the firm in the last three years?
  • What organizations do your associates belong to?
  • Have you sent your associates to regional or national meetings and if so which ones?

These are hard questions. But you should ask them. If I was asked them, I would answer them.



Used with permission of attorney Frank Ramos.