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About the Award

The Distinguished Maryland Real Property Practitioner Award is given annually to a Maryland real estate attorney who best exemplifies the experience, client service, technical skill, integrity, collegiality and courtesy that all real estate lawyers strive for in their professional lives.


2003 – Russell R. “Ronnie” Reno, Jr.
2004 – David H. Fishman
2005 – Morton P. Fisher, Jr.
2006 – Lawrence A. Shulman
2007 – Edward J. Levin
2008 – Robert W. Cannon
2009 – John J. Delaney
2010 – Kevin L. Shepherd
2011 – Roger D. Winston
2012 – Priscilla K. Carroll
2013 – Mark D. Dopkin
2014 – David M. Kochanski
2015 – Thomas C. Barbuti
2016 – J. Paul Rieger, Jr.
2017 – Douglas M. Bregman
2018 – Raymond G. Truitt
2019 – Sara H. Arthur
2020 – Barbara A. Sears
2021 – Ronald S. Deutsch and Jeffrey Nadel
2022 – Searle E. Mitnick


Background Information and Instructions:

  • Complete Application, including requested information about you and your Nominee.
  • Only current, dues-paying members of the MSBA and the Real Property Section, licensed to practice in Maryland may make nominations. A person may make more than one nomination.

To be eligible for nomination, a person must:

  • Be licensed to practice in Maryland
  • Be a dues-paying member of the MSBA and the Real Property Section
  • Practice predominately in the area of real property, planning, zoning, land use or foreclosure
  • Practice predominately (i.e., have a personal or principal office location) in Maryland
  • Be actively engaged in the practice of law in the 12-month period prior to the nomination deadline
  • Not be a prior recipient of the award.