The Hon. Anselm Sodaro Judicial Civility Award is presented annually to a sitting judge of the District, Circuit or Appellate courts of Maryland who demonstrates exceptional judicial temperament, civility, and courtesy to attorneys, litigants, and others.

Seeking Nominations for 2018 Sodaro Award

Judge Sodaro stated that courtrooms should be “inviting” to attorneys and litigants. Judge Sodaro believed that while judges must maintain order and control of the courtroom, they should do so in a manner which does not demean or embarrass attorneys, litigants, jurors, or witnesses. He noted that lawyers always sought judges who provided a “level playing field.” Judge Sodaro made it a practice to compliment attorneys and litigants and to recognize in open court the efforts of both sides in presenting difficult cases. This award seeks to honor judges with similar qualities.

The Award will be presented on June 16, 2018, at the MSBA Annual Business Meeting that starts at 8:30 am in Ocean City, Maryland.

You can also submit a nomination to Victor L. Velazquez, Executive Director, Maryland State Bar Association, 520 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 or

The identity of the nominating party (or parties) and the contents of the nomination application will not be confidential unless specifically requested.