The Bar Associations Insurance Trust was created in 1990 as a successor Trust to earlier iterations dating back to 1956, and is a joint venture between the Maryland State Bar Association and the Bar Association of Baltimore City. Since then, the Bar Associations Insurance Trust has created the Bar Associations Insurance Agency.

The Bar Associations Insurance Agency, Inc. (BAIA/the Agency) is the marketing arm of the Bar Associations Insurance Trust (BAIT) which is a joint venture of the Maryland State Bar Association (Trust participant), the Bar Association of Baltimore City (Trust participant), and The Bar Association of Montgomery County (Marketing Partner).  TriBridge Partners is the Exclusive Coordinating Broker and advises the BAIA on its insurance offerings and carrier evaluation.

The Agency, through TriBridge Partners, endorses a carefully selected group of financially strong and reputable insurance companies that can offer you and your practice excellent coverage at competitive prices. Doing business with the Agency offers you the insurance coverage you want and provides financial support to your Bar Associations.

The Trust is currently chaired by Judge C. Philip Nichols, Jr.  (Ret.) The 12 Trustees of the Trust meet quarterly to oversee operations and to receive updates on new and expanding benefits. Over the years, the Trust has donated more than a million dollars to the respective Bar Associations.

Judge Michael Reed of the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland is Chairman of the Trust’s Charitable Giving Committee. This Committee makes annual charitable gift recommendations to the Trustees, based upon requests for contributions from various law-related charities. Once approved, the Trust then distributes these monies during the first quarter of each fiscal year.

BAIA is constantly evaluating the insurance services and benefits available to its members through the advisory and brokerage services of TriBridge Partners, LLC. TriBridge Partners is always looking for ways to improve these benefits. The Agency has competitive and discounted professional liability, life, disability, and long-term care insurance programs. TriBridge Partners, in consultation with the Trustees, evaluates other lines of insurance, such as computer fraud, professional liability, and even pet insurance, on an ongoing basis.

The Bar Associations Insurance Trust and Bar Associations Insurance Agency is, above all else, a service organization, dedicated to serving the members of the Maryland State Bar Association and the Bar Association of Baltimore City.

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