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Substance abuse can harm your overall well-being and ability to function professionally. The Honorable Larry Lamson, retired Administrative Judge for the 4th District, offered attorneys insight on how to avoid the dire consequences of prescription drug misuse. He advised that early recognition of warning signs, like using unprescribed medication, seeking unnecessary drugs, or disregarding physician instructions, is crucial. He also noted that even if attorneys consider themselves “high functioning” while misusing prescription drugs, they may underestimate the impact on their ability to serve clients, fulfill familial roles, and maintain personal relationships. Fortunately, the MSBA Lawyer Assistance Program can help lawyers, judges, and law school students dealing with substance abuse, addiction, or mental health issues throughout the state.

You can hear more insight from Judge Lamson about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and addiction in the legal profession here:

For over 125 years, the MSBA has served as the home of the legal community in Maryland. Since 1980, we have played a pivotal role in supporting attorneys through the Lawyer Assistance Program, one of the earliest programs of its kind nationwide. Through this initiative, we offer complimentary and confidential aid to attorneys, judges, and law students dealing with personal challenges, such as mental well-being, substance misuse, family concerns, and stress management. For free, confidential assistance from LAP, call 1.888.388.5459.