Appellate advocacy requires distinct skills and strategic approaches, and many trial attorneys find the prospect of appealing a case to be overwhelming. To help demystify the process, the MSBA is excited to present Appellate Practice Skills Program, an essential seminar for attorneys interested in developing their appellate practice. 

The MSBA will present the program from 10 am to 12 pm on Monday, July 18th, Wednesday, July 20th, and Thursday, July 21st. 

The faculty includes Paul Mark Sandler, Andrew D. Levy, and Steven M. Klepper, seasoned litigators with decades of combined experience handling appeals, who will discuss the elements of appellate practice in Maryland. 

Participants will also hear from Judges on the Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals and representatives from the Office of the Public Defender and Office of the Attorney General, who will provide invaluable insight about appealing a case in Maryland. 

The program will also cover topics such as what orders and judgments may be appealed, preserving issues for appeal, the format and content of appellate briefs, and how to craft persuasive oral arguments. On the third day, the faculty will argue the appeal of a historical, national case before a panel of three of Maryland’s appellate judges, including the new Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals,  the Honorable Matthew J. Fader.

Six (6) hours of credit will be offered for the surrounding MCLE states of Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. If you miss the live program, it will be available on-demand in the MSBA CLE catalog

You can register and find out more about the program here