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Marketing is an essential component of building a successful law practice. The right tools can help firms attract and retain clients, but it can be difficult to determine what marketing strategies are most effective and allow firms to stand out from the competition. Traditional marketing strategies firms employ include advertising using traditional media and employing SEO terms in blog posts and websites to optimize internet search results. Firms often rely on word of mouth and referrals as well.

Recently, some attorneys have embraced the idea of using TikTok to promote their firms. TikTok, for those who have managed to avoid it, is a social media app that allows users to create and share short videos. What started as a platform that was largely used by teenagers participating in dance challenges has evolved into a hub for informative and educational content.

Attorneys and firms that have profiles on TikTok typically answer common questions related to their practice area or address breaking news that touches on legal issues. Firms that have a varied practice may focus on one area that is more likely to draw views. For example, Maryland family law attorney, Angel M. Murphy, of The Murphy Law Firm, answers common questions on her TikTok page @amurphylegal. Many of the questions come from comments posted in prior videos.

The primary benefit of developing a law firm presence on TikTok is the platform’s large and diverse user base. With over a billion active users, there is a significant potential audience firms can reach. Moreover, TikTok’s algorithm promotes content based on users’ interests, which means that if a law firm creates content that resonates with users, their videos will be promoted to a larger audience. This can lead to increased visibility and potentially more inquiries from potential clients.

TikTok is also a great way for law firms to showcase their expertise and knowledge. By creating short-form videos that answer common legal questions and provide helpful tips, law firms can establish themselves as experts in their field. This can help build trust with potential clients and increase the likelihood of them choosing the law firm for their legal needs. In addition to offering helpful information, they can create content that highlights their values and social responsibility efforts. Users may be inclined to view attorneys that post TikTok videos as more relatable and authentic than those that strictly advertise in a traditional manner.  Another benefit of TikTok is that it is essentially free. All a law firm needs is a smartphone and internet access to create engaging content.

While there are certainly benefits to marketing on TikTok, it is not without risks. For example, firms that post on TikTok run the risk of being viewed as unprofessional, and should be careful to strike a balance between being engaging and informative while also maintaining a professional image. Moreover, TikTok is a relatively new platform, and there are still questions around data privacy and security. Law firms must ensure that they are complying with all relevant privacy and security regulations to protect their clients’ sensitive information. Law firms on TikTok must be careful not to commit ethical violations or run the risk of inappropriately offering legal advice as well. Another risk of TikTok marketing is the potential for negative comments or backlash. TikTok users can be vocal and opinionated, and it is important for law firms to monitor comments and carefully manage their online presence.

Overall, TikTok may be an innovative and cost effective way to market a law firm, but firms should weigh the pros and cons of engaging with users on the platform before dedicating time and resources to creating content.