Your Well-Being is a Priority


  1. Have a routine. With intent  decide what you would like your routine to look like and stick with it.  It’s very grounding to have a structured routine.
  2. Have a work space that is separated physically from your home life.  An office, a bedroom, the basement, or another space designated for work. This can create boundaries around work and your life.
  3. When working from home it’s so easy to work too many hours.  It’s important to set limits on how many hours you work. 
  4. Get up and move around at least every hour.  If you can’t remember to do this set a timer.  Getting up gives you a physical and mental break which helps recharge you.
  5. Work standing up. Changing your position is another way to recharge and it’s better for you physically.


The Maryland Lawyer Assistance Program has Assisted Thousands of Maryland Lawyers

For Toll-Free Confidential Help call  1-888-388-5459

The Lawyer Assistance Program   is available  to all lawyers in Maryland and is committed to providing  free, confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, and law school students by offering virtual or in-person assessment, referral, short-term counseling, and continued support to ensure long term success. We offer a network of counselors that   can assist you no matter what state you are living in.  Everyone experiences personal problems, and early intervention is the key to resolving these concerns. If you are concerned about another lawyer you can make an anonymous  referral to the Lawyer Assistance Program. The Lawyer Assistance Program offers financial assistance for Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment.