MSBA continues to provide updates from courts and other entities. The Maryland Judiciary issued three new Administrative Orders today, including:

  1. Amended Administrative Order on Remote Proceedings During the COVID-19 Emergency:
  • Rescinds the March 20, 2020 Administrative Order on Remote Hearings.
  • Authorizes courts to hear emergency and other matters remotely, with the courts notifying participants of any remote proceedings.
  • Waives the requirement of approval of any remote communications proceedings by the State Court Administrator during the COVID-19 emergency. However, no jurisdiction may use a platform deemed to pose a risk to state electronic platforms.
  • Non-MDEC counties and Baltimore City may use various processes including electronic signatures, scanning signatures, or typing and affixing court signatures for the clerk, judge, or judicial appointee on documents during the COVID-19 emergency.
  1. Administrative Order on Case Time Standards and Related Reports for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 in Light of the COVID-19 Emergency:
  • Acknowledges a backlog of cases due to COVID-19 and the closure and restrictions of courts, and a delay in the resolution of cases that must be processed when courts reopen.
  • Anticipates that courts will be required to reopen in phases.
  • Suspends application of case time standards to cases reaching a conclusion in District and Circuit Courts between March 16, 2020 until December 31, 2020.
  • Case standards will resume on January 1, 2021, as a benchmark only to project timelines.
  • District and Circuit Courts will not be required to submit reports to the Chief Judge regarding case standards for fiscal year 2020. A benchmarking report will take place in fiscal year 2021 instead.
  1. Third Amended Administrative Order Expanding and Extending Statewide Judiciary Restricted Operations Due to the COVID-19 Emergency:
  • Rescinds the April 14, 2020 Second Amended Administrative Order on Expanding Statewide Judiciary Restricted Operations Due to the COVID-19 Emergency.
  • Courts will continue to remain at restricted operations through June 5, 2020.
  • Permits remote proceedings consistent with today’s Amended Administrative Order on Remote Proceedings During the COVID-19 Emergency.
  1. Chief Judge Morrisey issued the following communication regarding evictions. Communication Regarding Moratorium on Evictions Under the Federal Cares Act: 
  • Prohibits landlords/agents to file Failure to Pay Rent actions for covered properties under the federal CARES Act during the moratorium until July 25, 2020.
  1. The IRS reminds VA and SSI recipients with eligible children to act by May 5 to quickly add money to their automatic Economic Impact Payment: