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Why it works –The vagus nerve connects the brain to all major organ systems.  It carries the “will I live or die” signal throughout the body, and in the field of psychology is most commonly responsible for the “fight/flight/freeze” survival response.  Our vagus is working overload these days, so it could use a little refresh.   I have found these techniques to help  improve sleep, fall  back to sleep easier,  and feel more grounded. Hopefully this exercise  will help you too.

With head in a straightforward, neutral position:

    1. Look to the right and hold eyes toward right until you naturally yawn or swallow.
    2. Look to the left and hold eyes toward the left until you naturally yawn or swallow.  
    3.  Tip: If you find your head wanting to turn with your eyes, clasp your hands behind your head at the base of the skull to stabilize.