The COVID-19 pandemic compelled many solo practitioners and law firms to transition from working in offices to practicing virtually. While the pandemic brought about a dramatic increase in virtual firms, the remote practice of law in all of its forms will likely continue long after the pandemic is over, in part due to changes in the priorities of attorneys and law firms,  client needs, and technological advances. All Maryland attorneys must comply with the same rules and standards regardless of where they work, but certain issues are unique to the virtual practice of law.

To help Maryland attorneys navigate the ethical and practical challenges of the remote practice of law, the MSBA created Virtual Professionalism for Maryland Lawyers, a white paper designed to be a resource for lawyers working virtually. It is one of the many free benefits available to MSBA members and can easily be found in the MSBA Resource & Learning Library.

Virtual Professionalism for Maryland Lawyers offers insights on the ethical considerations of virtual practice, such as avoiding the unauthorized practice of law, protecting client confidentiality, maintaining competence, cybersecurity, and upholding the duty of supervision. It also addresses practical matters, like handling remote proceedings, maintaining communication with clients and employees, managing employee and client expectations, responding to online reviews, and transitioning to a paperless office.

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