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Professional Health

Finding balance to succeed in work & life.

Technical skills are not enough.

Success in the legal profession requires a healthy relationship between you and your work. MSBA promotes health & wellness initiatives designed to boost your productivity and well-being. We collaborate with the legal community to promote wellness and balance across the profession, hosting workshops in:

  • Stress Management
  • Professional Trends
  • Starting and Succeeding in Practice
  • Communication
  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership

Who We've Worked With

All wellness workshops are customized to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Law Schools

Office of the Attorney General

Large & Small Firms

MSBA Sections & Committees

Office of the Public Defender

Local & Specialty Bars



Featured Article: Smart Work Trends to Increase Your Productivity

As a Wellness Consultant for MSBA, I have noticed some common work trends for lawyers include: sitting for more than 8 hours a day, dining out for lunch/dinner, late nights, early mornings, minimal breaks, and long hours in court.

Throughout this article, we will discuss breaking three unhealthy work trends, suggesting convenient and effective methods to increase your productivity at work, and in life.


The Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland is the pro bono arm of the MSBA. PBRC coordinates live and online trainings, facilitates and incubates pro bono opportunities for attorneys, and hosts community-building skills training series. Click the buttons below to learn more and get involved.


How Has LAP Evolved? | Jay Miller

Attorney and MSBA member Jay Miller talks about the ways in which the MSBA’s Health & Wellness programs have evolved.

Fit to Practice with Angela Han

Fit to Practice is a show about all things Health and Wellness for hard-working lawyers. Each week, lawyer Angela Han talks to lawyers about their health struggles and survival. And as a plant-based personal trainer, health coach and yoga instructor, she shares her ideas on how to take back your health. Angela’s goal is to help reframe nutrition, sleep, and exercise as a form of medicine and therapy to cope with the daily challenges of being a lawyer. Listen here »


Physical Health

Emotional Health