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Many employees face legal challenges in their personal lives, but they may not have the resources or the knowledge to deal with them effectively, which can cause stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety easily leaks into the workplace, reducing productivity. Corporations that offer access to legal services as part of their employee wellbeing programs or comprehensive benefits package can benefit from a happier workforce. These plans provide employees with access to legal services usually at a reduced cost to the employee. 

A study by Big Village Insights, a former global research and data company for advertising and marketing now owned by Bright Mountain Media, conducted a study to determine the impact of legal plans on employee well-being, productivity, and workplace equity, if any. Limited Access to Legal Services: A Study on Employee Well-being and Workplace Equity, Expert by Big Village (September 27, 2023). The study was funded by MetLife Legal Plans. Big Village is known for applying research methodologies and behavioral data that determine the heart of consumers and employees. The survey discovered, after questioning over 5,000 employees, that approximately two-thirds of the employees faced legal situations in the past five years with only 7% of those employees able to seek legal representation. That’s roughly 3,333 employees with legal issues with only 233 seeking legal assistance. The research also demonstrated that “one in three employees said they lack adequate access to legal resources, contributing to growing levels of stress and burnout” and approximately “half are concerned about the impact on their mental health.” Id. 

MetLife reports that “employees who have legal benefits through their employer report higher levels of financial and mental health than those who do not.”  New Study Finds Limited Access to Legal Services Quells Overall Wellness and Productivity, (September 18, 2023). Metlife’s data shows that “75% of employees with legal benefits feel mentally healthy, whereas 63% of employees without legal benefits do.” These statistics indicate that “employers who offer legal services are 12% more likely to say they have increased productivity in their workforce, compared to employers who do not offer legal plans.” Id. Metlife’s research also demonstrates that minority groups show higher rates of legal issues yet they account for a small percentage of the 7% who sought legal assistance. Finally, the study explicitly proved that employees feel cared for when they have access and use a legal service plan offered by their employer. To access  MetLife’s 2023 Legal Access Study click here

Corporations play a huge role in access to justice as previously reported by the MSBA in “Corporate Role in Access to Justice.” Highlighting employee wellbeing and creating an environment of caring for their workforce benefits corporations. It also demonstrates a commitment to workplace equity. Statistics demonstrate that legal plans offered as part of a benefits package provide employees with more access to legal services which in turn enhances their wellbeing, likely increasing productivity and satisfaction. The legal plans can enhance employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity by helping their employees reduce stress, save money and protect their legal rights and interests. It is also a great way to attract and retain talent. In sum, employer legal plans are a win-win solution for employers and employees.