Gibber on Estate Administration, 7th Ed. (Hardcopy)

Gibber on Estate Administration, 7th Edition (Hardcopy)

Gibber on Estate Administration, 7th Edition (Hardcopy)

For over four decades, Gibber on Estate Administration has been the "go-to" guide for lawyers who handle estates of decedents, and is the most sought-after and definitive book on Maryland estate administration. Published in May 2021, this newest edition will replace the 2017 edition, and will cover practical non-legal as well as legal considerations and includes:

Clear instructions on what you need to do
Examples of all the necessary forms (Gibber covers over 150 forms)
Key excerpts from Maryland estate law, with comments, notes, and practice tips
Relevant case history
Relevant opinions of the Attorney General
Comments on legislative activity where needed
Reference citations when including full text would be cumbersome

The NEW 7TH Edition significantly expands the treatise with thorough references to new case law and statutory amendments through 2020. The revised text also reflects new rates and statutory amounts, and includes new and updated samples of all the official forms throughout the volume.

Gibber's NEW 7th Edition is an indispensable resource for the bar, the bench, and the Registers of Wills of this state, and will guide you to being a better estate attorney.

" authoritative treatise, a comprehensive checklist,
a helpful forms book, and a source of useful suggestions,
all written with an eye to the practical."

"...Mr. Gibber is particularly qualified to deal by virtue
of his service as special consultant to the Rules Committee
on the Probate Rules project."

Melvin J. Sykes, Esq.

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1: Preliminary Matters
Chapter 2: Probate
Chapter 3: Administration of Estates Generally
Chapter 4: Appraisal of Asset/Filing of Inventory
Chapter 5: Inheritance Tax on Non-probate Assets
Chapter 6: Administration Expenses and Claims
Chapter 7: Representative's Commissions and Counsel Fees
Chapter 8: Account
Chapter 9: Maryland Estate Tax
Chapter 10: Distributions
Chapter 11: Special Administrator and Foreign Personal Representative
Chapter 12: Minors
Chapter 13: Small Estate
Chapter 14: Modified Administration
Chapter 15: Sample Forms
Table of Authorities
Table of Cases

Allan J. Gibber, Esq. and Michaela C. Muffoletto, Esq.

Format: Hardcopy
Pub. Date: 2021
Pages: 1285

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