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Deborah J. Weider-Hatfield
Assistant Attorney General
Office of the Missouri Attorney General
Deborah J. Weider-Hatfield
Assistant Attorney General
Office of the Missouri Attorney General

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COVID-19 Updates

As COVID-19 challenges continue to develop in our area, MSBA is bringing together useful resources to help you deal with the impact, plan ahead, focus on your well-being, continue to engage in learning opportunities, and stay safe. MSBA has taken steps to address concerns about the illness by offering virtual attendance options for our upcoming meetings and CLEs, and postponing other in-person events as appropriate, as we are committed to the health and safety of our members and our staff.


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It is not about whether you personally benefit every week, it's about the benefit to your law practice and the bar overall - the ability to tap into the broad range of information and resources the organization is able to assemble when needed. On any given day, I might not access that resource, but other members will. Our collective participation allows the organization to meet those demands.
Anthony Gorski, Esq.
It is important for Paley Rothman to step up, set an example, and complete all of our annual membership renewals immediately. My partners and I were in agreement that it is important to support the MSBA right now, just as the MSBA has supported lawyers throughout Maryland during these challenging times. My partners and I are most appreciative of the tremendous efforts of the MSBA team, now more than ever.
David Shapiro, Esq.
MSBA, thank you, keep it up, you are doing a tremendous service to your members and the public at large. You are looking beyond how to maintain business as usual, because business as usual doesn’t exist. Thank you for being nimble and responding so proactively to this crisis.
Cynthia Jurriuss, Esq.
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One of the things that I appreciate about the MSBA is the ability to integrate lawyers who have very different kinds of experiences … Whether you’re working for government, a small firm, individually, or for a very large firm, MSBA is one of the few places where all of that comes together.
Robert Fontaine
Principal Counsel, Office of the Attorney General, Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency

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November 24,2020

Maryland Judiciary Update: Return to Phase II (Five New Orders)

November 24,2020

District and Circuit Court Updates – Return to Phase 3

November 24,2020

Fit Fridays (Health, Nutrition & Fitness) – Holiday Wellness Chat and Tabata Workout

By Angela Munro

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