Victor Velazquez
Executive Director
410-685-7878 x3020
Criselle Anderson
Educational Program Assistant
410-685-7878 x3062
Lisa Caplan
Lawyer Assistance Counselor
410-685-7878 x3042

Wanda Calvin Claiborne
Director of Meetings
410-685-7878 x3022
Kevin Cook
Director — Member Value, Partnerships & Platforms
410-685-7878 x3010
Joanne Daniels
Associate Director — Publications
410-685-7878 x3058

Bill Hall
410-685-7878 x3013
Carly Heideger
Account Executive
Monica Henderson
Special Advisor – Strategic Initiatives
410-685-7878 x3061

Dean Hunter
Legal Editor/Publications Assistant
410-685-7878 x3059
Nathan Levin
CLE Operations Assistant
410-685-7878 x3063
Paige Magrogan
Business Initiatives Coordinator
410-685-7878 x3065

Theresa Michael
Executive Assistant and Governance Administrator
410-685-7878 x3017
Richard Montgomery
Director of Legislative Relations
Angela Munro
Section & Committee Administrator
410-685-7878 x3016

Lisa Muscara Brice
Associate Director, Content & Delivery
410-685-7878 x3034
Michelle Petty
Business Initiatives Coordinator
410-685-7878 x3064
James Quinn
Director of Lawyer Assistance
410-685-7878 x3041

Anna Sholl
Director of Profession and Practice Advancement
410-685-7878 x3026
Bernadette Simmons
Membership Assistant
410-685-7878 x3011
Patrick Tandy
Director of Content & Delivery
410-685-7878 x3039

Andrea Terry
Director of Learning & Publications
410-685-7878 x3060
Natanya Washer
Office Administrator
410-685-7878 x3024
Parker Wimberly
Legislative Assistant

Daria Zane
Publications Attorney
410-685-7878 x3014