Workers' Compensation Manual, 21st Ed. (Electronic Publication)

Workers' Compensation Manual, 21st Ed. (Electronic Pub Only)

Workers' Compensation Manual, 21st Ed. (Electronic Pub Only)
The Workers' Compensation Manual has been the authoritative workers’ compensation reference for Maryland attorneys for more than three decades.

Authored by some of the state's most respected practitioners who bring a wealth of experience in litigating, defending, and adjudicating workers compensation claims:

Theodore B. Cornblatt, Esq., Michael H. Daney, Esq., Robert C. Erlandson, Esq., David E. Fink, Esq., James A. Lanier, Esq., H. George Meredith, Jr., Esq., Mark C. Miller, Esq., and Bernard J. Sevel, Esq.

A must-have for workers’ compensation lawyers or those who want to expand their practice. The new Twenty-First Edition brings this manual up to date with all of the most relevant developments in workers’ compensation law. The authors have expanded and updated each chapter with new substantive information, practice tips, case references, statutes, regulations, forms, and rate tables. In addition, you will find current information about finding and using online and offline resources that are most beneficial to the Maryland workers’ compensation professional.

The text provides clear and concise explanations of substantive law, while also emphasizing practical advice for lawyers at every stage of representation. Its content covers:

  • Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Maryland Subsequent Injury Fund
  • Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Practice and procedure before the Workers’ Compensation Commission and Maryland appellate courts
The Manual doubles as an indispensable, comprehensive reference for the most useful statutes, regulations, notices, official forms, custom forms from the authors’ practice, and custom tables of compensation rates.


Designed in a sturdy, 7 x 10” soft cover format, the Workers' Compensation Manual is portable enough to slip into your briefcase or bag and take to hearings. You may also purchase the downloadable forms option (sample agreements, petitions, instructions, letters, etc.) included in the book, conveniently ready to use or adapt to your specific case. These forms are formatted in Microsoft Word. The forms also includes a handy set of links to electronic resources for research and for printing or filing official forms electronically (electronic forms available with this purchase option only).

Chapter One: The Maryland Workers' Compensation Act
Chapter Two: Workers' Compensation Commission Practice and Procedure
Chapter Three: Appellate Practice and Procedure
Chapter Four: The Subsequent Injury Fund - A Practical Guide
Chapter Five: Introduction to the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

Format: Electronic publication
Pub. date: 2024

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