Maryland Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions, 3rd Ed. (Looseleaf pages with binder & tabs)

MD Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions 3rd Ed -Pages & Binder

MD Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions 3rd Ed -Pages & Binder
Prepared by a group of some of the state's most distinguished judges and lawyers, this all new Third Edition contains more than 200 jury instructions accompanied by comprehensive comments explaining the appropriate constitutional, statutory, court rule and case authority supporting the instruction. In addition to instructions on specific criminal offenses, the book includes: introductory and cautionary instructions; general instructions; evidentiary instructions; and instructions as to defenses, parties and verdict sheets. The book is an excellent primer on evidence, burden of proof, and the elements of criminal offenses.  What’s New in the Third Edition? In the Third Edition, the Committee has added new instructions and revised most of the existing instructions. The additions and revisions 
  • reflect changes in the law
  • provide consistency in the format of the instructions
  • recognize the preference by some for the use of nonbinary pronouns, and 
  • substitute outdated terms, as appropriate.
As in earlier editions, the instructions are crafted in plain language, which is understandable to the average juror and accurately states the law. The Third Edition maintains the organizational structure of the other editions, using the same numbering system so judges and lawyers can easily compare the old and new instructions.  In addition to substantially revising the instructions, the Committee updated most of the commentary accompanying the instructions and also revised some of the notes on use, which provide guidance on when to use, when not to use, and when to modify a particular instruction.  The Third Edition includes a revised table of contents, tables of cases, authorities, and the index.

New instructions include:
  • Personal Pronoun Use [2:04.1]
  • Alteration of Appearance as Consciousness of Guilt [3:26A]
  • Possession of Visual Representation of Child Under 16 Engaged in Certain Sexual Acts [4:07.2B]
  • Driving while Suspended, Revoked, Refused or Canceled [4:10.8]
  • Sexual Offenses—Fourth Degree Sexual Offense [4:29.10A]
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Format: Custom Practice Binder with looseleaf pages

Pub Date: 2024

Pages: 1360

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