Criminal Practice & Procedure in the District Court of MD (Hardcopy)

Criminal Practice & Procedure in the District Court of MD

Criminal Practice & Procedure in the District Court of MD
This is an essential reference to criminal practice and procedure in the District Court of Maryland beginning with charging documents through post-trial proceedings. This updated version, prepared with input from and review by staff and judges of the District Court of Maryland, provides the “nuts and bolts” for handling a criminal case in the District Court of Maryland. The 2019 edition updates the 2006 edition, identifies new and amended rules and statutes, summarizes holdings of recent, pertinent cases on topics, such as the dispositions short of trial, waiving Constitutional rights and discovery obligations, and outlines procedures relating to initial appearances and requests for expunging records.

Chapter 1: Criminal Practice in District Court
Chapter 2: Criminal Jurisdiction of the District Court v. other courts
Chapter 3: The Charging Document
Chapter 4: Filing the Charging Document
Chapter 5: Pretrial Release
Chapter 6: Preliminary Hearing
Chapter 7: Motions and Discovery
Chapter 8: Postponement or Continuances
Chapter 9: Disposition of Cases Other than by Trial
Chapter 10: Plea Bargaining and Plea Agreements
Chapter 11: The Trial
Chapter 12: Post Trial Rights
Chapter 13: Practical Guidelines Re: Commonly Charged Offenses
Chapter 14: Violation of Probation
Chapter 15: Extradition

Format: Hardcopy Pub date: 2019 Pages: 166

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