Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures, 5th Edition (Hardcopy)

Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures, 5th Edition (Hardcopy)

Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures, 5th Edition (Hardcopy)

Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures, Fifth Edition, is "the book" on Maryland Foreclosures. Originally written by the late Alexander Gordon IV, this is the first update of this essential treatise since 2004. Written by experienced practitioners who handle foreclosures frequently, Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures is tailored to assist a wide variety of lawyers in understanding the methods and complexities of Maryland foreclosure law—some of the most complex in the country.

The text includes an abundance of advice on fundamental procedures, techniques, and practical strategies. The entire field of professionals engaged in Maryland foreclosures, from judges, attorneys, lenders, credit grantors, servicers, and auditors, will benefit from the breadth and depth of this publication. As with previous editions, the 5th Edition includes sample forms of general application, statutes, rules, and court decisions, informal correspondence, Attorney General's opinions, and MSBA Ethics Committee opinions.

Since its first publication, each edition of Gordon on Maryland Foreclosure has kept pace with changes in the substance and style of foreclosure practice. The Fifth Edition reflects developments in foreclosure practice since the release of the Fourth Edition in 2004 via legislation, court rules, and case law, current as of the beginning of 2021.

Summary of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Foreclosure of Secured Interests in Maryland
Chapter 2:  Security Instruments
Chapter 3:  Recordation
Chapter 4:  Noteholders
Chapter 5:  Federal Regulation and Impact
Chapter 6:  Title and Validity of Liens
Chapter 7:  Defaults, Notices and the Notice of Intent to Foreclose
Chapter 8:  Types of Foreclosures and the Foreclosure Process
Chapter 9: Comparison of Foreclosure Sale and Tax Sale
Chapter 10:  Trustees
Chapter 11:  Initial Process and Procedure—Order to Docket
Chapter 12: Nature of Foreclosure Proceedings
Chapter 13:  Foreclosure Alternatives
Chapter 14:  Pre-Sale Notices and Publications
Chapter 15:  Credit Bidding Buy-In and Sale Process
Chapter 16:  Representing Builders or Lienholders in Another Trustee's Foreclosure—Process and Requirements
Chapter 17:  Post-Sale Process and Procedure
Chapter 18:  Settlement
Chapter 19: The Audit
Chapter 20:  Judgment Awarding Possession (Distinguished from Wrongful Detainer)
Chapter 21:  Bankruptcy and Foreclosure
Chapter 22:  Receivership Actions
Chapter 23:  Incidental Proceedings
Chapter 24:  Malpractice, Ethics, and Grievances
Chapter 25:  Web Sites and Forms
Chapter 26:  Appeals and Post-Judgment Issues

Editors: Ronald Deutsch & Jeffrey Nadel

Contributors: Bizhan Beiramee, Hon. Robin D. Gill Bright, I. William Chase, Matthew Cohen, Thomas P. Dore, Alvin I. Frederick, Amy P. Hennen, Kevin Hildebeidel, Robert H. Hillman, C. Larry Hofmeister, Jr., Byron L. Huffman, Robert A. Jones, Siobhan R. Keenan, Christianna J. Kersey, Michael J. McKeefery, Daniel Menchel, Mark D. Meyer, Scott Nadel, Daniel Pesachowitz, Hon. W. Michel Pierson, Diane S. Rosenberg, Richard E. Solomon, Doreen A. Strothman

Format: Soft Cover
Pub. Date: 2021
Pages: 992

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