Maryland Automobile Accident Deskbook, 3rd Edition (Electronic publication)

Maryland Automobile Accident Deskbook, 3rd Ed. (E-Pub)

Maryland Automobile Accident Deskbook, 3rd Ed. (E-Pub)

Updated for the first time in almost 20 years, the Maryland Automobile Accident Deskbook, Third Edition, is a comprehensive treatise summarizing the law governing motor vehicle accidents in Maryland. Written by some of the field's top experts, this deskbook contains key information about liability, defenses, statutory citations, Maryland case law, damages, insurance considerations, and insights into handling every conceivable type of accident case.

The Maryland Automobile Accident Deskbook is a necessary resource for defense or plaintiffs' attorneys who handle automobile accidents.

Deborah Fajer-Smith and Jeffrey R. DeCaro, Editors

Matthew J. Bernhardt, Mark R. Brown, Laura E. Chabalowski, Scarlett M. Corso, John J. Doud, Nathaniel Fick, Matthew J. Focht, Matthew J. Gannett, Lauren M. Geisser, David M. Kopstein, Yosef Kuperman, Robert R. Michael, C. William Michaels, Dennis F. O’Brien, Rebecca K. Schisler-Adams, Eric N. Schloss, Robert L. Siems, Leonard R. Stamm, Levi S. Zaslow

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1: General Standards for Imposing and Defending Liability
Chapter 2: Responsibilities of Owners and Operators of Automobiles
Chapter 3: Intersection Accidents and Rights of Way
Chapter 4: Single Vehicle Accidents
Chapter 5: Rear End Accidents
Chapter 6: Crossing the Center Line and Passing
Chapter 7: Accidents Caused by Signaling, Signs and Signals
Chapter 8: Highway Design and Maintenance, Abutting Land Owners, and Public Utilities
Chapter 9: Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Animals
Chapter 10: Motorcycles, Bicycles, Buses, Rental Cars, and Ride Sharing Programs
Chapter 11: Accidents Involving Speed
Chapter 12: Vehicular Crimes
Chapter 13: Standing Vehicles
Chapter 14: Accidents on Private or Special Roads
Chapter 15: Accidents Involving Multiple Parties
Chapter 16: Damages in Motor Vehicle Collision Cases
Chapter 17: An Introduction to Auto Insurance Policies
Chapter 18: Autonomous Vehicles: Development Progress and Lacking Liability Schemes
Chapter 19: Social Media Considerations in Automobile Accident Litigation

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