Practical Ways to Fight Gender Bias and Sexism in Negotiations

Practical Ways to Fight Gender Bias and Sexism in Negotiatio

How can you avoid the implicit and unconscious gender bias that can negatively impact any negotiation?

In this two-hour webinar, Martin Latz — a national negotiation trainer and Harvard Law honors graduate — will facilitate a panel of experienced attorneys in a discussion designed to help empower you to face this challenging issue. Panelists include Judith Harris, Esq. of Reed Smith, LLP, and Marisa Trasatti, Esq. of Cipriani & Werner, and Debra Harris, Esq., with Humana. This program will include each attorney's personal experiences and examples along with ways each has effectively addressed them and their lessons learned.

5 Skills You'll Learn:

Latz's 5 Rules of Negotiation — and how they apply in situations involving gender bias
How to use leverage effectively to move toward a more level gender playing field
Ways to employ independent standards to reduce the adverse impact of gender bias
How to see offer-concession patterns
When reframing the negotiation agenda will turn the tables to your advantage
Renowned negotiation expert Martin E. Latz, Founder of Latz Negotiation, has trained over 100,000 lawyers and business professionals around the world to more effectively negotiate.

Two hours of credits will be offered to the surrounding MCLE states.

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