Maryland Construction Law Deskbook, 3rd Edition (Hardcopy)

Maryland Construction Law Deskbook, Third Edition (Hardcopy)

Maryland Construction Law Deskbook, Third Edition (Hardcopy)

The individual chapters from this single resource cover most of the key areas in construction law, from contract formation, to performance disputes, to remedy granting clauses, to construction damages, and finally, to the dispute resolution process.

Joseph C. Kovars and Michael A. Schollaert, Editors

Construction Law Section, Maryland State Bar Association, Inc.

The "best of the best"Maryland construction law practitioners have penned the individual chapters included in this Deskbook.

While viewed as an indispensable text that belongs in the legal libraries of every Maryland construction law practitioner, the Deskbook is not a shelf book. Lawyers that toil in the fields of Maryland construction law find a handier place for it—on their desk (or readily available on their computer).

The NEW Third Edition adds 4 new chapters to this valuable resource from the MSBA's Construction Law Section. New chapters include: Licensing, Construction & the Environment, Zoning Law, and Construction Technology. Subjects of particular application include design professionals, contracting by state and local governments, construction safety issues, bonding, mechanic's liens, and statutory remedies. New and developing fields of construction law are also addressed, such as "green" construction and non-traditional project delivery systems including design-build contracting and construction management, are explained. The latest Edition provides a timely discussion of force majeure and relief avenues from disruption issues caused by the pandemic

Maryland Construction Law Deskbook, Third Edition will prove to be an indispensable addition to your law library.

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Contracting Methodologies and Project Delivery Systems
Chapter 3: State and Local Government Contracts
Chapter 4: Construction Contract Drafting
Chapter 5: Design Professionals
Chapter 6: Changes and Extra Work
Chapter 7: Unforeseen Site Conditions
Chapter 8: Contract Terminations
Chapter 9: Construction Law Damages
Chapter 10: Delays and Time Extensions
Chapter 11: Surety Bonds
Chapter 12: Mechanic's Liens and Statutory Remedies
Chapter 13: Maryland Occupational Health and Safety
Chapter 14: Condominium and New Home Warranties and Rights of Action
Chapter 15: Green Construction
Chapter 16: Mediation, Arbitration, and Other ADR Techniques
Chapter 17: Insurance Coverage
Chapter 18: Labor and Employment Law
Chapter 19: Bankruptcy in Construction
Chapter 20: Licensing
Chapter 21: Construction & the Environment
Chapter 22: Zoning Law
Chapter 23: Construction Technology

Format: Paperback
Pub date: 2023
Pages: 883

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