Artificial Intelligence and the Attorney's Duty of Technical Competence

Artificial Intelligence and the Attorney's Duty of Technic

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Last year I spoke to the Annual Summit on the ethical uses of artificial intelligence (AI) by legal professionals and provided examples of lawyers and AI working together to serve clients.  In this new presentation, I will address how legal professionals are advising clients who are rapidly adopting AI across many use cases; for example, AI is being used by law enforcement to enhance video and photographs, financial organizations to identify fraud and risk, health care providers to influence patient behavior, and nearly every business to better understand their data! To that end, the presentation will help attorneys meet their “duty of technical competence” as it relates to AI by providing a framework, questions and examples so that attorneys are empowered to better advise AI-enabled clients, balancing practical, legal and ethical responsibilities. As the senior reserve attorney inside the USAF’s operations and international law domain (judge advocate), I am responsible for advising on the service’s portfolio of AI technology – as such, these issues are my day to day!  – Colonel Walter “Frank” Coppersmith, HQ USAF/JAO (Judge Advocate General’s Office, Operations and International Law Domain)

Presented by Walter Franklin Coppersmith, HQ USAF, Operations and International Law Domain

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